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Life Knows the Path You Are Meant to Be On

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Tara is originally from Ireland but moved to New Zealand at the age of 14. She talks to us about her family being in a difficult situation and this meant she didn’t follow the path that many of her friends were. When she left High School she didn’t go to university like many of her friends instead she needed to depend on herself and got a job.

Tara also shares that during her twenties she was a part of a fundamentalist christian cult, which widen her perspective and provided her with a lot of life experience. However, it was also at a time whereby the culture didn’t promote or provide many opportunities for women. 

So Tara left that life behind her, and went about her mission in the world alone, but talks to us about how life just knows the path you are meant to be on. Tara’s next chapter in her journey helped her to form the steadiness and determination in her character which has set Tara up for an amazing future and mission that she is now on.


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