Family as a key value

Heather really values family and being connected to those close to her, she shares how she passed up a role because she prioritised her family.

Identity… it’s ongoing

Craig talks about the journey he has been on with his identity and the unpacking he has done over the last few years!

Journey with sustainability 

Nicola shares with us her journey towards the work she is doing with mainstream green and sustainability! Would you believe it all started because of a finger?

Who Is It That I Want To Be?

Kale talks to us about the journey he has been on with his identity, and the powerful mindset shift he implemented to help him form who he wants to be rather that what others had tied to him and his identity!

Aotearoa is my Home

Cecilia shares her journey from Sweden to New Zealand and explains the love that she has for Aotearoa!

Identity Reflected Through Mahi, Whakapapa and Culture!

Identity is something that Arohanoa is very connected to, whether it be through her community or through her artwork! She shares with us her journey with Identity and how she hopes to use her whakapapa within her artwork and to inspire other wahine in Aotearoa!

Life Knows the Path You Are Meant to Be On

Tara shares with us her journey coming from Ireland as a young teenager, to navigating time in her twenties in a christian cult, to understanding her path and the type of person she wanted to be.