Journey of Identity: Personally and Professionally

Ranjna shares with us her journey growing up from working in a fruit shop to going to India for an arranged marriage and then coming full circle back home to New Zealand to grow and develop healthcare in Aotearoa!

The Journey to Real Rad Food

What are the aspects that were out together to help Hannah’s vision come to life? We talk about how her value of hard-work ethic help to shape not only her but her success so far in business!

The Power of Strong Work Ethic and whānau!

Kat share her story with us and touches on sacrifices parents make for their children, her journey to where she is, but also talks about the power of work ethic which is something that she admired and learnt from her father!

Appreciation of Whakapapa and Whānau

Keeks shares with us the massive appreciation she holds for her whānau and talks about the journey that has taken place to get to where she is today.

The Unicorn Effect

How many generations can you connect back to? This is my journey of understanding and connecting to my whakapapa all the way back to 321 years ago!