Claiming of heritage through a name change 

Sacha Coburn talking about her identity journey



Sacha shares her journey with identity and the fact that Coburn (her current last name) was not the family name she was born with. 

Sacha Coburn discusses her journey of self-discovery and the process of changing her name. She explains that she travelled overseas and learned more about her family’s history, and she became more interested in her heritage. Despite the fact that her family did not have extensive knowledge of their ancestry, Sacha eventually learned that her father’s birth father’s name was Coburn. 

This revelation led her to change her name from her stepfather’s name to Coburn. Sacha believes that words are important and changing her name was a way for her to claim her sense of where she comes from. She also acknowledges that the process of changing her name was a significant step in her personal journey towards wellbeing.


To hear more about Sacha’s identity journey click here! 

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