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Self-compassion and understanding towards yourself and others takes ongoing work and practice. Catching the negative internal chat and kicking it in the butt ASAP is half the battle. Check out mindfulness, feelings, managing emotions, and more to strengthen your mind.


Foreboding joy and self trust

Are you playing it safe? Do you take opportunities not knowing what the outcome will be? A reflection on how and what we can do better to help us reach our full potential! 

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Creating the actions for change

Vanessa talks about how the work they do at Microsoft enables them to create ideas and most importantly then turn them into action, which is something they are all so passionate about. 

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Brooke is a mother and a wellbeing mindset coach! Doing massive work with athletes wanting to get that extra edge by prioritising their wellbeing! 

She is an absolute machine on the hockey turf,  an olympian, and a commonwealth games medalist!

As the founder of All About Balance, Brooke draws on her experience in the high performance environment to help aspiring athletes as well as businesses to ensure that they prioritise their wellbeing!

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