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Self-compassion and understanding towards yourself and others takes ongoing work and practice. Catching the negative internal chat and kicking it in the butt ASAP is half the battle. Check out mindfulness, feelings, managing emotions, and more to strengthen your mind.


Helping us to stay focused! 

Do you sometimes feel like you just can’t focus or perhaps you can but struggle to do it for a long period of time? Dom talks us through why that is and then shares with us his strategies to help!

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Controlling your controllables

It’s all about how we perceive pressure and stress that is placed on us at that point in time, Dom talks us through four questions we need to ask ourselves about the ‘pressure’ we face in our lives!

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Deb is the founder of STOKEDNZ, a company that creates gorgeous towelies, which by the way would be a great gift! She is also a bike rider, lunchtime swimmer and adventure lover!

We kōrero to Deb about how STOKEDNZ came about, why it’s called STOKEDNZ and just how stoked she is to be doing what she does! She also shares with us a few tips and tricks she has about business and controlling your controllables!

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