Pilates: 14

Sonia takes us through a great Pilates session that targets those key muscle groups! Swimming arms, press ups and of course lots of fun!

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Pilates: 08

Join Braidy for a Pilates session, stability and a scissors! Braidy will guide you through everything all you have to do is follow along!

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Join us for the Big Day out!

What is the Workplace Wellbeing Big Day Out?
It is a day to come together, to learn, to cross pollinate, to challenge perspectives and to leave empowered and inspired to make a difference for our teams – all in the name of long term, authentic, effective and thriving workplace wellbeing.

Some themes we will cover:
Connection, Accountability and behavior, Boundaries, Values and expectations, Communication, shared language and conversations, Diversity and authenticity, Psychological safety!

A workshop filled with connection, problem solving and meaningful kĊrero!