Pilates: 14

Sonia takes us through a great Pilates session that targets those key muscle groups! Swimming arms, press ups and of course lots of fun!

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Pilates: 08

Join Braidy for a Pilates session, stability and a scissors! Braidy will guide you through everything all you have to do is follow along!

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Pst. You are the first to know about this event! 

This is not your ordinary run of the mill leadership or wellbeing event.
This, is ten amazing speakers.
Each speaking for ten minutes each.
To motivate.
To inspire.
To challenge perspectives.
To be impactful.
To create meaningful moments.
To send you on your way replenished, refocused and ready to lead more authentically and effectively.

We are inviting you to join us to reflect, connect, share, learn, cross pollinate and make change happen.