Thriving wellbeing everyday.

We are a purpose led wellbeing organisation relentlessly focused on positive long term outcomes for every person and every business in Aotearoa.


Being purpose led, we use our income and resources to further grow our organisation’s impact, so that pathways to thriving wellbeing is readily accessible.

The Good Day Matrix team

Our mission.

Our mission is to be a force for good in people’s lives every day.

Prioritising and advocating for thriving wellbeing for every person.

For every business. Every single day.

We do this by providing workplace wellbeing and leadership programs, sharing authentic stories, challenging perspectives, raising awareness and inspiring curiosity to build sustainable wellbeing long term.

Wellbeing is non-negotiable changing critical a top priority

Who we are.

Our purpose.

Why we do what we do.

We are a purpose-led wellbeing organisation relentlessly focused on positive long-term outcomes for every person and every business in Aotearoa.

We prioritise thriving wellbeing for every person; for every business; every single day by providing workplace wellbeing and leadership programs; and sharing useful stories, perspectives, resources and support to inspire curiosity and connection – all while encouraging understanding the fundamentals of wellbeing.

In doing this mahi we are able to continue to provide free resources for everyone to access for their own wellbeing journey! Ultimately by working with us you are in turn helping others to thrive as well!

The journey of The Good Day Matrix.

The beginning: Hey Mama Movement ladies

The Good Day Matrix (as it has evolved to be known now) was founded by Daz back in 2017.

After the birth of her second son, Daz developed postnatal depression, feeling lost, overwhelmed, disconnected, unmotivated and unconfident.

She had no idea where to start or how to turn her fake smiles back into real ones.

Daz invited six friends to workout in her garage and in three months, through word of mouth, 120 women were working out in her garage, every week.

Daz knew she wasn’t alone in this journey to finding what worked for her wellbeing (even though it really felt lonely)! So, in 2019, she developed a world-first concept to take her “Garage workouts” into people’s homes digitally. However, building apps costs way more money than her whānau could cover.

TGDM OG HIIT trainers: Jamie-Lee, Emily, Daz, & Ali
Daz on The AM Show for the launch of TGDM

The proverbial pin was pulled on the app.

But the dream remained strong to support people in Aotearoa to thrive and live well everyday.
In wellbeing, and in business!

The plan changed, the dream didn't.

In July 2021 The Good Day Matrix was officially launched, a platform dedicated to providing everyone with free wellbeing resources to help them on their wellbeing journey!

We are a social good organisation, meaning, our primary goal is to positively impact your life and that’s why now, after five years of iterations and development, we get to give you our wellbeing platform, FREE, because wellbeing isn’t a destination you reach. There is no one-size-fits-all approach or answer.

It’s about a matrix of elements intersecting and working together to help you thrive!

The team behind TGDM
Emily and Daz doing workplace wellbeing mahi to help support TGDM

We needed to develop a model to sustainably support this kaupapa, which is where our wellbeing and leadership mahi enters the picture!
When we work with businesses within the wellbeing space we not only get to help their people thrive, but those organisations also help contribute to the wellbeing of many other people across Aotearoa!

Learn more about The Good Day Matrix Journey here! 

The dream.

Our mission is to be a force for good, to help people connect and find the good in everyday, so they can stay in the arena of possibility when things are challenging.

Thriving wellbeing sets the stage for growth – And we’re here for the mission!
Please join us and be part of this game changing mission too.

Our team.

Having the right people on the waka is absolutely critical and we are so lucky at The Good Day Matrix to have absolutely epic humans on this journey with us.
Every one of them believes in our kaupapa to be a force for good to see every person and every business thrive, every single day.

TGDM team: Sammy, Daz & Emily
Daz Burns

CEO & Founder

Lyrical genius

Mum to 3 tiny humans

Truck drivers daughter

Brand spanking new bookworm

The “let’s take a photo” friend

Sammy Kennedy

Content & Digital Producer


Loves the outdoors

Slightly above average golfer

Dad life

Up the Wahs

Emily Ussher

Communiation & Content Manager

24/7 Sport

Wanna be plant mom

Part-time couch commentator

Country gal

Loves a backstory

Our team of supporters.

We are grateful to have the support from some EPIC humans who are equally as passionate about wellbeing and seeing people thrive every day!

From HIIT, Pilates, Yoga and Self Defence to Cooking, there is something for everyone to get curious about!

HIIT trainer

Executive Chef

Self Defence trainer

Pilates trainers

HIIT trainer


Pilates trainer

HIIT trainer


Enrich Yoga trainer

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