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Our free wellness service shares stories of epic kiwis and their wellness journeys by weaving body, mind, identity, community and environment together

to inspire curiosity, empower action and connect journeys.

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We understand that the term wellness has this stigma around it and we want to crush that! It is not a product, drink, supplement. It is different for everyone!

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The Journey to Real Rad Food

What are the aspects that were out together to help Hannah’s vision come to life? We talk about how her value of hard-work ethic help to shape not only her but her success so far in business!

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The Tapestry of Identity

Identity! A big topic! What’s involved? Uniqueness, Stereotypes, Stigma, Perspectives, Heritage, Culture. You might wonder where to start? I talk you through those starting steps and more!

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Open Communication at Work

Cecilia talks about having open communication at work to help foster meaningful connection and helping those around you to feel like they can do their best work.

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Miriam Wood is a Health Psychologist and helps people find their way and discover strategies to get through tricky situations! 


We also learn about how Miriam takes care of her wellness and why it is important to prioritise our wellness every day! This kōrero is full of insights and golden nuggets to help you on your wellness journey,

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