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Our free wellness service shares stories of epic kiwis and their wellness journeys by weaving body, mind, identity, community and environment together

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We understand that the term wellness has this stigma around it and we want to crush that! It is not a product, drink, supplement. It is different for everyone!

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Family as a key value

Heather really values family and being connected to those close to her, she shares how she passed up a role because she prioritised her family.

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Heather Connolly is a wife, and mother of two and is the Director of Engagement and Executive Education at the University of Waikato!

We talk about what wellness looks like for her including, juggling children’s schedules with her own calendar! We talk about the value of family, listening to your body, being a part of a theatre community, why being joyous is in the small moments and how to make the best use of your time!

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Heather Connolly interview with The Good Day Matrix