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Our free wellness service shares stories of epic kiwis and their wellness journeys by weaving body, mind, identity, community and environment together

to inspire curiosity, empower action and connect journeys.

Featured Interviews

Bex Lipp talking about her wellbeing journey

Bex Lipp: Mental health journey | Value of generosity | Leading change for our tamariki | Therapy as life saving

Bex is an amazing human, with not only a big heart but a big journey! Bex talks to us about her mental health journey and how this has helped shape the work he now does an a children’s author! We talk about what fills her cup including going to the gym, spending quality time with family, connecting to her community as well as being genoursity in ever day life! A kōrero we are very blessed to share!

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Not sure where to begin?

We understand that the term wellness has this stigma around it and we want to crush that! It is not a product, drink, 6 week challenge, or a supplement. It’s what works for you and it is different for everyone!

Check out our categories below to get exploring!

Psychological Safety in the Workplace

What is psychological safety? How can I feel safe psychologically in the workplace? What does it mean to feel psychologically safe? We share the key parts of psychological safety and how to best create a safe space for the people around you!

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White space

If you are so in your body and in your head worried, you are not making space for that creativity to emerge!

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The Tapestry of Identity

Identity! A big topic! What’s involved? Uniqueness, Stereotypes, Stigma, Perspectives, Heritage, Culture. You might wonder where to start? I talk you through those starting steps and more!

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The Unicorn Effect

How many generations can you connect back to? This is my journey of understanding and connecting to my whakapapa all the way back to 321 years ago!

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My Ode to Awesome Doers In My World

There are so many amazing people around us! I am super grateful for those that are around me, in this blog I share a very brief overview of some of my awesome doers in my world and their characteristics that make them shine brightly!

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A Thriving Community at Work

Building a community through screens can be hard when we are all working remotely, Cecilia talks about what they are doing at Tend to help keep the passion and community alive!

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What is Happi-mess? Do you create a Happi-mess space? Here’s my journey with Happi-mess and some of the lessons and tools I have gained along the way!

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Celebrating breaking workplace cycles

Breaking cycles within our workplaces

It’s easy to point fingers at others who are responsible for the slipping standards, but you are part of a unit, part of a community, you are part of accepting lower standards and you need to own that and decide what you are going to do about it.

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Tim is a father and husband, he is also the CEO and founder of Grow Good, a company helping businesses become B Corp certified!

Wellbeing to Tim is getting out in the mountains skiing, spending quality time with his family and friends, researching and connecting to his whakapapa, and linking to his neighbourhood and wider community! Tim is passionate about making a positive contribution to those around him which we think is epic

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