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Our free wellbeing service shares stories from epic New Zealander’s about their wellbeing journeys. We do this by weaving body, mind, identity, community and environment together

to inspire curiosity, empower action and connect journeys.

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Featured Interviews

Tesh Randall talking with The Good Day Matrix about her wellbeing journey

Tesh Randall: A life of lasting impact

Raglan Food Co taking on the world to a special morning ritual with her husband, our kōrero with Tesh is something special! Dinner parties, workplace belonging, gift giving, where to start with sustainability, and more!

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Not sure where to begin?

We understand that the term wellbeing has this stigma around it and we want to crush that! It is not a product, drink, 6 week challenge, or a supplement. It’s what works for you and it is different for everyone!

Check out our categories below to get exploring!

Ditch fad diets, try this instead!

Nutrition can be hard to navigate at the best of times, when we start talking about diets the situation gets even more blurry! Dietitian Sarah tells a new way to look at these Fad diets, especially if they aren’t working for YOU!

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My Ode to Awesome Doers In My World

There are so many amazing people around us! I am super grateful for those that are around me, in this blog I share a very brief overview of some of my awesome doers in my world and their characteristics that make them shine brightly!

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Sacha Coburn talking about the power of choices

You choose your life 

We talk to Sacha about how she creates an epic environment around herself, she shares that in fact each of us has the ability to choose that as well! 

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Knowing your power

Lee talks about the importance of knowing your power, whether you are an introvert, extrovert, chairman, or director you have a role to play! 

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What is the Workplace Wellbeing Big Day Out?
It is a day to come together, to learn, to cross pollinate, to challenge perspectives and to leave empowered and inspired to make a difference for our teams – all in the name of long term, authentic, effective and thriving workplace wellbeing.

Some themes we will cover:
Connection, Accountability and behavior, Boundaries, Values and expectations, Communication, shared language and conversations, Diversity and authenticity, Psychological safety!

A workshop filled with connection, problem solving and meaningful kōrero!