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Our free wellness service shares stories of epic kiwis and their wellness journeys by weaving body, mind, identity, community and environment together

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We understand that the term wellness has this stigma around it and we want to crush that! It is not a product, drink, 6 week challenge, or a supplement. It’s what works for you and it is different for everyone!

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Superwomen Syndrome

Have you heard of this concept going around called Superwoman Syndrome? Well, it has just come to my attention and let’s just say I’m not the biggest fan of it!

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5 Lessons of Resilience

Sometimes learnings and gems of wisdom are hidden in small moments! I found Wile. E. Coyote and the Road Runner to be a learning space for resilience!

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The Journey to Real Rad Food

What are the aspects that were out together to help Hannah’s vision come to life? We talk about how her value of hard-work ethic help to shape not only her but her success so far in business!

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Brooke is a mother and a wellbeing mindset coach! Doing massive work with athletes wanting to get that extra edge by prioritising their wellbeing! 

She is an absolute machine on the hockey turf,  an olympian, and a commonwealth games medalist!

As the founder of All About Balance, Brooke draws on her experience in the high performance environment to help aspiring athletes as well as businesses to ensure that they prioritise their wellbeing!

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