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Spill, no I mean fill, your cup

How many times a week do you think about achieving your to-do list and having the time to take care of yourself to fill your cup up … not spill it! Let’s chat about where we are at and why it’s essential to fill not spill your cup!

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Celebrating breaking workplace cycles

Breaking cycles within our workplaces

It’s easy to point fingers at others who are responsible for the slipping standards, but you are part of a unit, part of a community, you are part of accepting lower standards and you need to own that and decide what you are going to do about it.

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Tegan is one talented wāhine and a bright spark radio announcer on the breakfast radio show Mai Morning Crew! 

We talk to Tegan about her journey with identity, on a personal and professional level! This has been something important for Tegan to navigate, being in the public eye and representing her whānau and the community of listeners, she wanted to understand herself before sharing herself with Aotearoa!

This was a great kōrero and one we think you’ll love, take the time to check it out!

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