Ancestor’s courage now an inspiration for Sarah

Sarah Cowley-Ross sharing her identity journey


Sarah is proudly a New Zealand-born Samoan! She shares with us her father’s whakapapa from Samoa and her mother’s whakapapa from England, both of these journeys, although so different, are very similar in terms of the courage it took to move to a new country and the desire to create better opportunities for future generations to come! 

Whakapapa is a massive value for Sarah, and from this steams the want to honour her ancestor’s legacy and live up to it the best she can!

Sarah talks about her identity journey being tricky to navigate especially during her younger years. However, she has recently started learning the Samoan language and is loving the journey this brings for herself, her whānau and the wider Samoan culture!


To hear more of Sarah’s journey click here! 

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