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Carol Brown: The Importance of Setting Boundaries and Non-Negotiables

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Carol has set herself some pretty firm boundaries about how she wants to work. Working for a global company you could work 24/7, but you have to set tough boundaries. She has non-negotiables, these include exercising every day, spending time with her children, and being present when she is at home.

Carol dives more into what her role is at Microsoft, talking about how she is a big umbrella. Imagine information trickling down and Carol will decipher what, how, and if she wants to articulate that information to the team. 

Psychological safety plays a big part in how Carol leads. Again, setting up non-negotiables which can be targets for a sales company, but generally just doing your best work, building your legacy, working how you want to work, and then bringing that all together as a team, is what drives her team and their work ethic! 

It’s ok to get emotional. Carol wants her team to treat her as Carol, not as Microsoft senior leadership team Carol. For that to happen you must build trust, invest in your people, that is the most important thing.   


Click here to watch the full interview! 

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