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Carol Brown: Accepting Where You Are at and Growing Resilience

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Resilience and acceptance is a key theme that comes up in our kōrero with Carol! 

Just like our ongoing wellness journey, resilience is not something you wake up with each day, it is tested in different ways and situations. It’s about what tools do you have to cope each time you are faced with those challenges, but also about accepting that some days you’re going to have to have to push through that grind and know that it is all about building up that resilience! 

Carol also touches on how our mind can be our worst enemy and can tell us that others look to have their life sorted! We often question why can’t we be like them? Carol openly talks about how at the end of the day nobody has their life together all the time, and that it is a reality that society often doesn’t allow us to show to everyone!

Another part of this kōrero is being able to accept where you are at in your journey, and being comfortable in the uncomfortable moments. This is how we grow and learn, it’s from actually testing out situations and seeing what happens and then taking the learnings forward in our next journey! It can be scary when you don’t know what the future holds, but that’s okay and sometimes it’s about accepting that and embracing the present moment and opportunities that you are in! 


Click here to watch the full interview!

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