Pressure is a Privilege

Hannah talk to us about pressure and that being able to feel that is actually a privilege! She talks about how this has changed her mindset when stress or increase in workload comes because she is so lucky and thankful for what she gets to do everyday!

Appreciation for Community

Hannah talks to us about her appreciation for the Real Rad Food community that have supported her throughout her small business journey, and how the power of being authentic and open with her community has helped her and her business to be where it is today!

Moving your Body for Clarity

Whether its running, boxing, walking her dog or pilates, Hannah talks to us about the importance of moving her body and it being a key part of her wellness!

The Journey to Real Rad Food

What are the aspects that were out together to help Hannah’s vision come to life? We talk about how her value of hard-work ethic help to shape not only her but her success so far in business!

The Power of Strong Work Ethic and whānau!

Kat share her story with us and touches on sacrifices parents make for their children, her journey to where she is, but also talks about the power of work ethic which is something that she admired and learnt from her father!