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“Why not me?” A journey in creating a Vegan-Based Community

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A massive part of Kat’s community is within her small business, which is the vegan community! 

Kat talks to us about her journey of creating and starting up her own small business and how it came to be. She talks about the general gap in the market for many people with a love for vegan food, or even common allergies nowadays, which means some families struggle to find yummy food when they are out that they can eat! So she thought, why not me? Since then she took the idea and has run with it! 

She talks about how the growth of people and customer journeys over her time so far has been amazing! The amount of stories and life occasions that people share while at the cafe is heart-warming and she shares her true love for the people that make Snack Baby the community it is! 

She also talks about her family and friends being a part of her community! A lot of her family is spread out across the country, so she has her friends around her that she considers family! Another part of her community is her children and their schooling community being very tight knit and is a place where contribution is massive so she and her children and massively a part of that community as well!

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