Building a Community from Ambitious Humans

How do you build your community and friends around you? Kale shares with us the type of people that he enjoys being around to ensure he is surrounded by ambitious and driven humans!

A Thriving Community at Work

Building a community through screens can be hard when we are all working remotely, Cecilia talks about what they are doing at Tend to help keep the passion and community alive!

Balancing Community Needs with Own Wellness

Arohanoa talks to use about the gratitude that she has for her community and the many different avenues of people she gets to connect with and support. However she also knows that sometimes she needs to take a step back for her own wellness!

Finding Your Own Community 

James shares the importance of finding your community and connecting into where you are, sometimes this will mean that you have to be the one to start and build your own community.

Covid Community Providing a Safe Space

Jenene shares her experience with Covid and how important she has found it to have her community of Long Haulers by her side to help her get through what is unknown to many people!