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Erana shares the ways Here to Help u has impacted the community


Erana admits to us she likes to be a ‘tutu’, and dabbles in a few projects, one of these ‘projects’ turned out to be a resource that impacted many families across the time of the pandemic!

In the midst of the pandemic, Erana helped create Here to Help You, which through an empowered relationship was able to do just that, help people navigate and essentially survive through some of the scariest times! 

Whether it was food or just someone to talk to Erana knew that there was a need within the community, they just needed a resource and the relationships to provide the required support, enter Here to Help You!

Erana admits she didn’t know everything about making it work, but the important aspect of the community is how you are able to empower the relationships you have towards making positive change and impact- something we have learnt that is right up Erana’s alley! 


To hear more of the impact Erana has across the communities she works with click here! 

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