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Small Business doing its part to be Sustainable

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Kat talks on what they have put in place at Snack Baby to be as sustainable as they could. 

“Everything is bio if it can be” and an example she shares of this are the tetra packs that she uses and then gives to a company called Save Board, where they shred them down and turn them into sustainable building materials! Which is a massive contribution to being sustainable and helping not only the planet but everything on our planet! One thing that means a lot to Kat is the fact that Snack Baby is a Vegan cafe. So they are not adding to animal agriculture and that is them doing their part for the environment. 

Kat talks about still driving to work each day so remembering that everyone is not perfect and implementing small steps to contribute is actually making a big difference in the long run! 

Ultimately just making sure you can do your bit, whether it’s compost, using a keep cup, or a reusable drink bottle! It’s all about doing what you can with what you have that really does make a difference to the world!

Click here to learn more about Kat’s sustainable journey! 

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