Hannah Mellsop: Pressure is a privilege


Hannah Mellsop:

Hannah is the founder of Real Rad Food, a company that creates plant-based deliciousness!! She founded Real Rad Food in 2017 and in June this year sold her business to enjoy the journey of motherhood after having her first child, Winnie, in April!

A lot has changed since this kōrero, but Hannah talks about her journey and experiences as they were when this podcast was originally recorded. Hannah talks about the importance of balancing working and hustling hard for her dream with having support from her family and friends and taking time for her wellbeing and things that fill her cup!

This podcast is filled with epic wellbeing tidbits but also talks about the highs and lows of owning a small business and working through the hustle to get to where you want to go! We talk about what Hannah does to help her wellbeing thrive like running, pilates, spending time with family and friends as well as the power of building a community, one that she really values and is super supportive of her! We also talk about the workplace of Real Rad Food and what it’s been like navigating and encouraging an inclusive and balanced environment in the workplace!

Hannah is passionate about inspiring others through food, movement and living in authenticity all of which shines through in our interview! So whether you are going out on a walk or just need something to motivate you, listen in to this wellbeing kōrero and inspiring story!


Action points:

  1. Real Rad Food website 
  2. Hannah’s Instagram loaded with epic wellbeing inspo!
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