Open Communication at Work

Cecilia talks about having open communication at work to help foster meaningful connection and helping those around you to feel like they can do their best work.

Finding Your Calm Environment

James talks about his experience working from home, and that for him this often means he finds himself struggling to have that calm environment to relax in, especially when everything around him reminds him of work.

Number One Value is Love

What is your number one value? Tara shares with us that hers is love, and talks about the power that it holds within her life personally but also the many environments that she is apart of.

Importance of Inclusivity and Representation

Jenene talks about her learnings when making her ‘We Want Women’ video. Something she learnt quickly was that they needed diverse female representation, so they re-filmed the video to help grow perspective about women equality.

The Importance of having a Safe Environment

  Summary: We talk to Ranjna about her environments that she is apart of and what she would share with others to help with the racism, discrimination and work ethic within the community, what you would say?   “You don’t tell people, what you do is what people will see” Talking about actions rather than words, […]