Creating the space for everyone to bring their true selves! 

Te Pūoho talking about his wellbeing journey and making Māori comfortable in all environments


How important is it to create environments that allow others to be comfortable in their own skin? Incredibly!  

Te Pūoho discusses the changes he has noticed since being back in the country, like the frequency of Te Reo Māori being spoken on mainstream media! Although there is still a lot of room for improvement, it is really encouraging to see that we are taking steps towards creating changes within society that encompass Te Ao Maori!

Te Pūoho believes that it is important to empathize with those who may feel uncomfortable within the in-between spaces and to create bridging points for everyone to feel comfortable sharing their different aspects of themselves! 


To hear more Te Pūoho about creating inclusive environment and his wellbeing journey click here! 

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