What is Body?

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Feeling BRAVE and FUCKING GREAT whilst having confidence in yourself is what Body is all about here at The Good Day Matrix! It’s never about the number on the scales or working out 2 twice a day. It’s about connecting to yourself and feeling what’s right for YOU! 



For us here at The Good Day Matrix Body is more than just going for a walk, doing a HIIT, Pilates or Yoga session! That is totally a part of it and your body loves to be treated to those epic moments, but there are more focal points that need to be highlighted here! 



Body relates to nutrition and understanding what food you need to fuel yourself with and what food provides you with the best nutrients that you need! However, we are also realistic and we get that nutrition also means having an ice cream or breaking out the chocolate from time to time! It’s all about balance!



Sometimes our bodies get a little broken, and injuries are a part of body too! Knowing how to best manage these is extremely important! Everyone is different, so it’s about understanding what works for you and how you can get back to YOUR normal! 


Functional Movement

Body includes functional movement and how we are able to move daily! Being able to sit down with our kids without that old groan that occasionally pops up, or walk up that hill at the park, being able to do these little things all need functional movements, and doing the basics right help us a lot! 


Our Bodies

Understanding how the body actually works is fascinating! Now we are no ‘experts’ but we will draw on some advice from some experts to help you grow your bodily knowledge! 



Rest. Rest. Rest. Something we all ‘try to do’ to our best ability but actually nailing this can be tricky for some of us! However it is super vital for all of us to remember to take that time for ourselves to rest and recuperate to then be able to move forward the best we can! 



These aspects of this pillar work together to help us understand, learn and develop knowledge about our amazing bodies, and here at The Good Day Matrix we try to help highlight these for you and give you opportunities to work on them practically through our exercise videos and movement resources! Because our bodies are the vessel we need to get through life so let’s take the best care of it that we can! 

Your body isn’t a temple, it’s a home you’ll live in forever. Take care of it. – Colin Wright

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