Yoga: 01

Join Olivia today for a fun Yoga flow focusing on our deep core muscles!

The tapestry of identity

Identity! A big topic! What’s involved? Uniqueness, Stereotypes, Stigma, Perspectives, Heritage, Culture. You might wonder where to start? I talk you through those starting steps and more!

Will Hall: Community, charity and finding clarity

Will Hall and his wellbeing journey

A fabulous kōrero with Will about his wellbeing! We dive into why running has impacted Will so much and how the Park Run event has helped him get back into running! We also talk about following your dreams, connecting to where you are from and the Starship hospital cancer family community that supports each other!

Cassie Roma: Defining your success

Cassie Roma talks about her wellbeing journey

We talked to the amazing lady, Cassie Roma, about all things wellbeing for her! This includes her journey with mental health, why family is important to her, the story of coming out to her family, workplace and corporate wellbeing, Brené Brown, perspective and the importance of kindness!

Chicken & Bacon Burritos

Executive Chef Lorna and Krystal, step us through this quick and easy dish: Chicken and Bacon Burritos!

What is Environment?

Environment 101: What is The Good Day Matrix’s Pillar Environment all about?

Join us for the Big Day out!

What is the Workplace Wellbeing Big Day Out?
It is a day to come together, to learn, to cross pollinate, to challenge perspectives and to leave empowered and inspired to make a difference for our teams – all in the name of long term, authentic, effective and thriving workplace wellbeing.

Some themes we will cover:
Connection, Accountability and behavior, Boundaries, Values and expectations, Communication, shared language and conversations, Diversity and authenticity, Psychological safety!

A workshop filled with connection, problem solving and meaningful kōrero!