Chicken & Bacon Burritos

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Cook Once, Eat Twice

This dish is a part of our Cook Once, Eat Twice Series! Where the focus is to cook a meal one night, and either have the same dish the next night or turn it into the other dish that it is linked to in the series! 

We know the extra stress that comes with having to cook and prepare dinner every night, so these meals are designed to limit some stress in the kitchen whilst helping you to eat great, tasty food! 

The leftovers from this recipe can be used to make Chicken & Bacon Cassoulet, click here for the recipe!

If you have more than 4-5 plates to make every night then this recipe will serve 8 portions!



Use up leftover cassoulet and quinoa or rice (recipe below if you haven’t made it yet) 

2 Cups Cassoulet  

1.5 Cup cooked quinoa or rice  

4 Wraps 

Grated Cheese 



8 Chicken Thigh 

250g Bacon pieces (cut up small and cooked)  

2 onion 

2 carrots  

2 celery stalks  

1/2 leek 

6 cloves Garlic plus equal amount Ginger (finely grated)  

1 Tbs smoked paprika  

1/2 Tbs Cumin seeds (ground)  

2 tins Tomato chopped 

1 tin hot Chilli Beans  

2 c frozen Corn  

1/4 c Red Wine Vinegar  

2 Tbs Worcestershire sauce  

1 tsp salt  



Sour Cream Slaw:

1/2 red Cabbage  

1 Apple 

2 Spring onion 

2 carrot 

100 ml Apple vinegar  

1/2 tsp salt 

1 small punnet Sour cream (use mayo if dairy free) 

Handful Parsley or coriander  



To make the slaw:

Finely slice and chop all vegetables  

Mix with apple vinegar and salt and let sit while preparing burritos.


To make Burritos:  

Heat leftover cassoulet, add grain and heat through. If you haven’t made the cassoulet then click here for the recipe.

Toast wraps on element or in pan  

Lay out on the bench or chopping board

Fill each burrito with hot cassoulet mix and cheese if using, wrap up and leave somewhere warm.  

Drain liquid from slaw (reserve to use again another day) 

Toss sour cream or mayo through slaw.  Pop into the wrap or serve on the side.



Lorna x


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