Beef, Broccoli & Oyster Sauce

Delicious and Nutritious:

Our recipes are purposely created to be delicious and full of nutritional goodness!

Executive Chef Lorna and Krystal, are cooking up a storm making a delicious Beef, Broccoli and Oyster Sauce!

We know the extra stress that comes with having to cook and prepare dinner every night, so these meals are designed to limit some stress in the kitchen whilst helping you to eat great, tasty food!

So grab your apron, get your ingredients ready, and join us in the kitchen to cook up a delicious storm!



4 Portions of Beef Steaks 

2 Broccoli  

Seasonal green veges  

1 Onion  

1/2 Cups Peanuts 

1 c Oyster sauce  





Heat pot of water to boiling.  

Season steaks with salt and pepper.  

Slice onion and prepare broccoli and seasonal green vege. 

To cook rice (if using): 

Place rice in pot, add tsp of salt and swirl of oil and your water, turn on high, bring to boil, once boiling turn right down to a gentle simmer, place a lid on and cook like this for 10 mins, then turn off and leave on the stove top for 10 more mins. Take the lid off and fluff rice with a fork, replace the lid. And keep on the stove top until you are ready to eat.  

To cook steaks:

Heat skillet to smoking hot for steaks- turn down to medium, add oil or fat and seasoned steaks. 

At the same time put broccoli in water – blanch for 4 mins.  Meanwhile, heat another pan or wok to hot.  Drain broccoli, flip steak, add a little oil to a pan and toss onions for 1 min, then add peanuts, broccoli and greens. Toss 2 mins, add oyster sauce and 1/2 c water- cook out.  

Dish up and enjoy  

Lorna x

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