Cassie Roma: Defining your success

Cassie Roma talks about her wellbeing journey

Cassie Roma:

Cassie Roma = Marketing wizard!! 

Cassie has done extreme amounts of work in the digital marketing field, from running her own business to guiding others along in their journey! Connecting people and helping them find their success is what Cassie is all about! 

A self-described kindness warrior, a lockdown guitar enthusiast, a people lover, an LGBQTIA+ Advocate, a stand up for what is right type of person! We talk to Cassie about how she manages her corporate life with family life…whilst finding time for her own wellness! 

We cover everything from defining success, giving yourself ‘permission’, what a leader looks like, therapy, identity challenges, quick-fire questions AND MORE!

So, find a cozy spot, get a good cuppa, and listen to this kōrero with Cassie!


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