Lifestyle in, diets out!

Lifestyle changes food, exercise and more from Dietician Sarah

Sarah really nails this blog! A great read that puts into perspective lifestyle changes that can make a difference without changing your entire world all at once!

Sarah’s three non-negotiables for movement

Sarah Cowley-Ross talking about her movement and it's importance for her

Sarah shares with us her three non-negotiables for movement and how important it is to try and find a movement moment within your day to help you be a better mother, partner and person!

Radical self-acceptance

Sacha Coburn talking about body image and radical self acceptance

Sacha talks about her journey with body image and self acceptance! This includes breast cancer, looks like the least important part of a person and the question what actually defines me as a woman?

What are the benefits of Pilates for runners?

Why Pilates benefits runners!

Are you a runner but want to slow things down every now and again? Enter Pilates! Sonia talks us through some of the benefits of Pilates! Our free classes are the perfect way to incorporate a low-impact option into your training!

Protein- what is it and how much do we need?

Protein: how much do we need?

Dietician Sarah shares with us her knowledge about what protein is and how much we need to meet our daily requirements! She also shares a glimpse of how much protein is in a range of different sources!

Join us for the Big Day out!

What is the Workplace Wellbeing Big Day Out?
It is a day to come together, to learn, to cross pollinate, to challenge perspectives and to leave empowered and inspired to make a difference for our teams – all in the name of long term, authentic, effective and thriving workplace wellbeing.

Some themes we will cover:
Connection, Accountability and behavior, Boundaries, Values and expectations, Communication, shared language and conversations, Diversity and authenticity, Psychological safety!

A workshop filled with connection, problem solving and meaningful kōrero!