What is Mind?

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Having self-compassion towards yourself and others, and being understanding is what the Mind Pillar here at The Good Day Matrix is all about! Mental well being is an ongoing process! We need to be constantly working on helping ourselves mentally to help build resilience and be able to overcome the challenges that we may face! 



Just as we exercise to help keep us healthy we need to do the same for our brains to help with our mental wellbeing! Whether that is through learning or trying something new, or more relaxed activities such as meditation, journaling or practicing gratitude we aim to help you truly believe that self-compassion is an amazing tool to help you in this mental space!


Managing Feelings and Emotions 

It’s learning about understanding what YOU need in times of stress or anxiety and a range of unhappy feelings, as well as capturing happiness!


Positive Psychology

We want to help guide those internal conversations towards growing your ability to kick negative self-talk is the butt! Positive psychology is a massive topic and one we want to utilise to help you mentally flourish!



Don’t get us wrong like we mentioned this process is on-going there will never be an endpoint of mental health, it’s continuous! It’s about the balance between being aware of yourself each and every day!

We get that some days will be far from ‘Good’!

Some days you’ll be wearing your pajamas all day!

But some days you’ll be labelling the day as ‘flippin awesome’! 

And some days you’ll be itching to get out of bed! 

And all of these are A-OK! We get it, and are here for you on ALL of the days you might encounter! 



At The Good Day Matrix we aim to help provide you with the tools towards helping you in all situations where you are tested or challenged as well as when you are thriving mentally to keep the process evolving towards being the best YOU can be! 


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