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Winning the First 90 Minutes of the Day

Kale 1


Kales first 90minutes of the morning is a very structured time within his day and this helps him to feel set up and ready to win the day! 

Kale shares that the first 90 minutes of his day includes getting fresh air and natural sunlight, then making sure to get in a bit of meditation via the app Waking Up! Kale then makes sure he connects and spends time with his partner before getting in a coffee and a cold shower to round out his routine morning! 

This 90 minute process is something that now is an essential part of Kale’s morning to help him feel prepared for the day!

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Tim is a father and husband, he is also the CEO and founder of Grow Good, a company helping businesses become B Corp certified!

Wellbeing to Tim is getting out in the mountains skiing, spending quality time with his family and friends, researching and connecting to his whakapapa, and linking to his neighbourhood and wider community! Tim is passionate about making a positive contribution to those around him which we think is epic

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