Kale Panoho: Building who you want to be

Kale Panoho: 

Kale gives us the hope that you can succeed through many different business pathways and can always widen your portfolio missions as long as you have the drive and motivation to make it work for you! 

We think Kale must be talented at juggling because he currently juggles three growing companies, and does his best to connect and share his knowledge with other growing businesses all out of pure kindness! When Kale isn’t travelling the globe for mahi, he is based in the South Island in Cromwell with his Partner! 

Kale is a Partner at K&J Growth, a Partner at Rugby Bricks, and a Co-Founder of Hakune. Kale is also on the Forbes Communication Council and is a Contributing Writer for the Huffington Post and Thrive Global! 

Kale shares with us many aspects of his wellbeing journey, and how he balances his many missions! Kale shares his tools within his 90-day personal plan and how he uses the first 90 minutes every morning! He talks about his beliefs on multi-tasking, his tool for staying concentrated at mahi, and his journey with identity and how this has shaped his motivation and mindset! 

If it wasn’t clear already, this interview is JAM PACKED! So find a spot to watch the full interview and hear all about Kale’s wellbeing today! 


Action Points:

  1. Rugby Bricks website
  2. Hakune website
  3. K&J Growth website
  4. Check out some of the blogs kale has written on Hakune


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This is not your ordinary run of the mill leadership or wellbeing event.
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