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Dr Galia BarHava-Monteith Interview Sneak Peak: Body

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Within this snippet Galia talks about her journey to New Zealand from Israel, her battle with her physical health and finding her wellness. After being a Sargent Military Desert Instructor she decided that safety and being in a country where there were no scary animals around was ideal! Ultimately her love of hiking and being outdoors was a massive draw card for her to come and make New Zealand home. She is a strong believer in the impact that nature has on one’s well being! 

Galia also talks about her journey with her rare chronic illness called Churg Straus Vasculitis! She describes that this has impacted her wellness at different stages of her journey but has also built up her ability to be resilient in the face of adversity! 

During her physical health journey, when she wasn’t able to do bush walks and adventures due to her illness, she was also able to discover new forms of wellness that she uses for her body, some of this includes focusing on herself and health as a whole rather than just physical health! 

This is a powerful korero, and leads into some great topics around rare illnesses, nature and its effects on wellness and the importance of viewing yourself as a whole! All of which are discussed further in the full interview! 


Click here to view the full interview! 

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