Tim Jones: The importance of connecting and knowing who you are

Tim Jones from Grow Good on his wellbeing journey

This kōrero delves into the importance of connecting to your whakapapa, knowing who you are and why you are the way you are! We also talk about meditation, moving the body, mindset and the importance of giving things a go, getting out into the community and being your true authentic self!

Vanessa McGowan: Chasing a music career from New Zealand to USA

Vanessa McGowan talking about her wellness journey

Our kōrero with Vanessa explores wellbeing as a musician, Vanessa’s musical career journey, navigating tough decisions and making time for yourself while on tour! We also kōrero about creativity, feeling as if you are always translating yourself across two cultures, and making your work, work for you!

Bex Lipp: Mental health journey | Value of generosity | Leading change for our tamariki | Therapy as life saving

Bex Lipp talking about her wellbeing journey

Bex is an amazing human, with not only a big heart but a big journey! Bex talks to us about her mental health journey and how this has helped shape the work he now does an a children’s author! We talk about what fills her cup including going to the gym, spending quality time with family, connecting to her community as well as being genoursity in ever day life! A kōrero we are very blessed to share!

Samar Alrayyes: Knowledge is power | NZ Women in tech | Overcoming the odds | Inclusion and diversity

Samar Alrayyes sharing her wellbeing journey

We talk to Samar about her journey to get to New Zealand including the Gulf War, guns at school, family sacrifice and more! We also kōrero about the many wellbeing aspects that fill Samar’s cup including cultivating space for startups to thrive, encouraging women to get into tech, helping refugees feel at home here in New Zealand and even catching pokemon with her son! This interview will touch your heart and leave you knowing that perspective is important!

Vanessa Sorenson: Leading with authenticity | Prioritising what’s important | Microsoft community and environment | Boundaries for wellness

Vanessa Sorenson talks to The Good Day Matrix about her wellbeing journey

A lady that is a force of nature within the leadership space, now the Managing Director at Microsoft, Vanessa shares with us what elements of her wellness she prioritises to ensure her cup is full! We talk about being your authentic self in the workplace, her journey to where she is, how she prioritises what’s important and sticks to her boundaries, and the community and environment and Microsoft!