Brodie Kane: Finding your why

Brodie Kane talking about her wellbeing journey and finding your why

From growing up in an active surf-lifesaving family to owning her own media business, we talk to Brodie about her wellbeing and all the in-between of her journey so far! From running marathons to making time for yourself and finding your why in the middle!

Dr Angela Lim: Life’s work through Clearhead

Dr Angela Lim from Clearhead talking about her wellbeing journey and the mahi of Clearhead

Angela shares with us the story of founding Clearhead and her passion behind the incredible mahi that they do! She also talks about the importance of finding what works for you, journaling, block meetings from productivity, assumption checks and how they implement this at Clearhead, and why fairness is her ultimate value!

Phil Thomson: Opportunities through tech

Phil Thomson talking about his wellbeing journey, founding Auror and the power of technology

During this kōrero we delve into Phil’s journey from a curious mind to founding a tech company that is changing the game for our communities! We also talk about hiring epic people, diversity, exercise as a must, resilience, leading a team and so much more, take a peek and have a listen!

Shiray Kaka: Showing up as yourself

Shiray Kaka talking about her wellbeing journey

Our epic kōrero with Shiray dives into her journey learning the samoan language, the importance of showing up as yourself in all environments, the value of patience and a few tips about procrastination and happiness! Of course there is multiple laughs weaved in as well!

Theresa Gattung: Making positive change happen

Theresa Gattung shares with us her wellbeing journey

In this kōrero with Theresa we delve into her learning’s as a leader and the power of using your voice to stand up for others and make change happen! We also talk about the importance of sleep, doing the little things that make you feel good, and understanding what you need to be at your best!

Cam Calkoen: Reaching the pinnacle

Cam Calkoen shares his wellbeing journey with The Good Day Matrix

Cam brings the energy in this kōrero! From climbing Mount Kilimanjaro to being a world-class speaker Cam shares with us his epic life journey so far! We also delve into the importance of taking time to connect with people in your community, why your words hold so much power, pursuing your dreams and why different is a good thing!

Sarah Cowley-Ross: Every minute maximised

Sarah Cowley-Ross talking about her wellbeing journey

Sarah Cowley-Ross, wow what a kōrero! We delve into so many topics from making movement a priority for you, the importance of journaling to Sarah’s passion for looking after the environment! All of course with a few funnies along the way, listen in to hear what her dream is for her birthday!

Sacha Coburn: Progress, purpose and perspective

Sacha Coburn sharing her wellbeing journey with The Good Day Matrix

Our kōrero with Sacha is nothing short of brilliant! Filled with perspective and conversations that encourage reflection on what your purpose is, we talk about body image, finding your community, making choices that have positive effects and the journey to getting the last name Coburn!

Te Pūoho Katene: On a journey to create meaningful impact

Te Pūoho Katene wellbeing interview with The Good Day Matrix

Our kōrero with Te Pūoho dives into his journey with identity and the significance he places on knowing who you are and what you stand for not only personally but professionally too. We also talk about what wellbeing looks like for him, from Kapa Haka to making a meaningful impact within communities Te Pūoho is passionate about seeing positive change!


Brodie has been in the media industry for many years, from speaking on the radio to blessing our TV screens with her humour and uniqueness, she has done it! Now she has her own media company Brodie Kane Media which has many successful podcasts!

We kōrero about carrying an active lifestyle from a young age, through surf lifesaving and being in the army! We also dive into juggling being in the media and speaking your truth, owning a business, running as a space to slow down, the reason finding your why is important and the importance of connecting with those around you!

This was a fun and epic kōrero with laughs throughout about assholes shining and winning the lotto, we hope you enjoy it!

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