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Carol Brown: How to Build Authenticity for Yourself and Your Team

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In this segment, Carol talks about being authentic, accepted and being yourself. Carol talks about how it is never about telling people what to do, it is about supporting them. It is important to be transparent and talk about how your day is going. How do you lead as a human, and ask yourself how do you support other humans to be as awesome as they can be?

Carol goes on to talk about how it is not all about the metrics in business, it is about supporting humans and the fact that everybody’s drive is going to be different. Everyone goes through different things at different times, so be honest, build trust, and genuinely care.

Coaches are just professional listeners that build safety in their team. This is a strong message that Carol shares with us and is touched on throughout her entire interview.

You have to be both vulnerable and empathetic, more trusting and less telling.


Click here to watch the full interview! 

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