The product of two parents from the services 

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Lee grew up in Rotorua and enjoyed the childhood that was provided to her by two ex-servicemen. 

Lee’s mother was handy on the machine and could always mend an engine or a motor! Her father served the country from 1939 until the last boat home in 1946. Lee shares how her parent’s dedication to freedom and being able to say what you want as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone, has probably shaped her into the strong person she is today!  

Lee also reflects on her mother and her role in the war, to being told that she needed to go home, be a wife and make babies…something she was not pleased with! Lee’s mother was a first-wave feminist, and Lee being a part of the second wave she is happy that there has been some change since those times, although there is still work to do.  

Business has always been within the family, after her parents finished serving they started a family drapery business in Rotorua, so naturally, Lee has always had an inkling towards business!


To hear more about Lee’s journey click here! 


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