Dr Lee Mathias ONZM: Positive change within communities in Aotearoa

Dr Lee Mathias: 

Lee is a mother to four children and is a force of nature within the business scene, pushing to drive positive change within communities in Aotearoa! 

Lee is the founder of Birthcare and director of Tend Health! Lee has a medical background initially starting out as a nurse and has taken that knowledge forward to be a part of many health boards with the goal to make a massive change for communities and sectors within Aotearoa! 

Lee also has an incredible knack for business having worked with many startups and entrepreneurs to support them with the tools and advice they need to get their dreams up and running! 

We talk to Lee about her experiences across the many elements of work she does, including governance, the ability to stay motivated to drive change, imposter syndrome and the importance of diversity of thought! What does wellbeing look like to Lee? We talk about gardening, special moments with toddlers, the impact she has on her communities and the Aunties, a piece of research called the P-class sailor, and generally being passionate about driving change! 


We hope you enjoy this kōrero with Lee and take as much away from it as we did! 


Action Points:

  1. The Aunties website, if you are able to help support please get in behind their epic cause!
  2. P-Class Sailor
  3. Tend Health

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