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The Importance of Understanding What Your Body Needs

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Joel talks through his daily activities which includes going to the gym 4 times a week. He exclusively admits to being a calorie counter throughout the week with a strict diet and this enables him to balance out with his favourite food and drinks over the weekend. 

On a tough day, Joel is getting a lot better at telling himself that it is ok if he can’t make it to the gym today, if he has a lot of meetings or needs to be there for family. It has taken Joel a while to get used to saying it is ok not to go to the gym, and that it won’t fundamentally change how you look or feel that day if you are having a bad day. 

On other tough days he feels like he needs to go to the gym to help him be in a better state. Jole talks about how it is really important to try to keep in touch with yourself and know if it is a tough day because emotionally you need to get to the gym! Or whether it is a tough day because you just have back to back meetings and it is going to stress you out even more trying to make the time to get yourself to the gym. 

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Heather Connolly is a wife, and mother of two and is the Director of Engagement and Executive Education at the University of Waikato!

We talk about what wellness looks like for her including, juggling children’s schedules with her own calendar! We talk about the value of family, listening to your body, being a part of a theatre community, why being joyous is in the small moments and how to make the best use of your time!

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Heather Connolly interview with The Good Day Matrix