Dr Galia BarHava-Monteith Interview Sneak Peak: Identity

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Galia is originally from Israel and talks to us about what the cultural differences are between New Zealand and Israel, not to mention the general population differences, Galia mentions that Israel is the size of Northland, New Zealand but with 10 million people in it! 

These behavioural differences include our general ethos we hold as kiwis versus what she was used to back in Israel. A key one that she has had to adapt is her ability to be honest and judge how brutal to be. Galia talks about how in Israel honesty and being honest means to tell the truth no matter how it may sound, however in New Zealand she mentions she has learnt that this is clearly different and we are more person centered. For example when writing emails we ask about how the other person is and frame feedback in a way that is positive rather than just simply sending a brutal email. 

Overall Galia talks to us about how she has made New Zealand her home and balanced remaining true to her authentic self in a different country whilst still adapting to the ways, customs and traditions with her new country in New Zealand. 


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