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Appreciation of Whakapapa and Whānau

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Keeks is the eldest of 5 children, and grew up in the beautiful Whakatane, before making the move to Hamilton for Netball after High School.

She talks to us about what it was like growing up with whānau being spread out across New Zealand and the fond memories she has of when her whānau did come back together at the Marae, how special it was being together and clicking back together as if no time had passed. 

Keeks talks to us about her parents and the massive impact that they have had on her and talks about them being the key people in her life!  She says they are the ones that have always had her back through the ups and downs of high-performance sport and life’s challenges. She is massively grateful for their encouragement and their push for her to work hard to get her to where she is today within her Netball career! 

Keeks also talks to us about her tāmoko tattoo and the special representation and meaning it has for her. Being away from home, and her whānau, it symbolises that her whānau no matter what, are always there for her! 

A key takeaway from this kōrero is the amount of gratitude and appreciation Keeks has for her parents, siblings and whānau that have supported her to get her to where she is today and the many sacrifices they all have made to help her along her journey!


To listen to more from Keeks click here! 

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