Khiarna Williams (Keeks): Appreciating the little moments

Khiarna Williams (Keeks):

We are excited to share this kōrero with Khiarna Williams aka Keeks, who is originally from Whakatane! Keeks is a massive whānau girl and holds a strong connection to the Bay of Plenty!   

Keeks is one talented young lady, having had success in sporting codes of Netball and Volleyball! Keeks has made her mark in the netball world and is a force on the court that has worked her way through age groups, and the National League Competition to now be a Waikato Bay of Plenty Splice Construction Magic player! It doesn’t stop there though Keeks has also represented New Zealand within teams like New Zealand Under 21s and New Zealand Secondary Schools! 

Keeks comes from a whānau that is truly magic and epic with their unwavering support, of which she makes a special mention in our kōrero, she mentions the profound impact her whānau have had on her life to date, specifically in the netball scene! 

We talk about what Keeks embraces for her wellbeing, like coping with emotions and the importance of expressing emotions, the importance of connecting to your identity and the general appreciation that she has for where she is currently. 

Of course, it wouldn’t be a wellbeing kōrero without a few laughs, please take the time to listen to this young talent and her wellbeing story! 


Action Points:

  1. The Tapestry of Identity
  2. The Unicorn Effect
  3. Understand the meaning and practice of tāmoko from this great resource from Te Papa Museum

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