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Who Is It That I Want To Be?

Kale 3


Kale shares with us his journey with identity and discovering who he is and who he wants to be. 

Kale grew up in Australia and moved to New Zealand with his mother when he was 10 years old. Kale shares the journey that he has been through trying to form the person that he wants to be rather than the type of person his whānau believe he should be, and break unhealthy generational cycles.  

Something that Kale shares with us is a question that he asked himself “What is it that I want to be?”. Regardless of the trajectory that might have been set for Kale, asking himself to erase that and ask himself what he wants to be, that’s a massively powerful mindset shift! 

Kale talks about how his identity was tied to what others thought of him, however now he is able to shape the type pf person he wants to be and we think that is pretty magical! 


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Brooke is a mother and a wellbeing mindset coach! Doing massive work with athletes wanting to get that extra edge by prioritising their wellbeing! 

She is an absolute machine on the hockey turf,  an olympian, and a commonwealth games medalist!

As the founder of All About Balance, Brooke draws on her experience in the high performance environment to help aspiring athletes as well as businesses to ensure that they prioritise their wellbeing!

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