Vanessa’s journey and striving to be the best you can be




We were so taken back during this part of our kōrero, Vanessa opens up about her upbringing and talks to us about her journey to where she is now, something that is immensely admirable! 

Homelessness, sleeping on the floor, living in caravan parks, a range of schools, connecting back with her family to now being the managing director at Mircosoft New Zealand and a proud mother of two!  

Vanessa had big goals that she wanted to achieve, she knew that she wanted to create something of herself and proudly be a woman that didn’t have to rely on anyone else. 

“You can’t be what you can’t see, but actually, you can if you visualise it!” 



To hear more from Vanessa about her journey to where she got to and the lessons she has been through click here! 

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Brodie has been in the media industry for many years, from speaking on the radio to blessing our TV screens with her humour and uniqueness, she has done it! Now she has her own media company Brodie Kane Media which has many successful podcasts!

We kōrero about carrying an active lifestyle from a young age, through surf lifesaving and being in the army! We also dive into juggling being in the media and speaking your truth, owning a business, running as a space to slow down, the reason finding your why is important and the importance of connecting with those around you!

This was a fun and epic kōrero with laughs throughout about assholes shining and winning the lotto, we hope you enjoy it!

Click the link below to watch our kōrero!