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Loss, terror attacks, and resilience

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This conversation is powerful in so many ways! 

Loss, grief, resilience, hope, empathy, it’s all of that and more!

Husain talks to us about losing his father not long after arriving in New Zealand, he thanks his dad, as he is the one that saw the vision of the life that Husain is able to now live with his family!  

This loss combined with the March 15 attacks here in New Zealand really hit Husain, and reinforced the whole sense of loss and how much we can learn from it and build resilience! 

The March 15 attacks have also made Husain think about making significant changes within his Muslim community, and as a result, he has worked very closely with many of the families! 

Husain and the Muslim community really want to see a significant change made, it’s about the actions we take, rather than the words we say. Everybody affected just doesn’t want this to happen to anybody else! 

We are so honoured to have been let into this part of Husain’s journey. The strength it takes to open up and talk about such significant moments in his life is incredible, thank you so much!


If you’d like to hear more from Husain, click here!


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