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Brodie Retallick Interview Sneak Peak: Community

Community Brodie


Coming from a small town you knew everyone, and everyone is approachable so Brodie is trying to take that trait with him in his day to day life! He aims to be very approachable to anyone who wants to say hello or have a chat, as he believes that that kind of mindset really can make a difference especially in today’s society!

Brodie also touches on what life was like living in Japan, they encountered many experiences as a family that were different for them. From sending his children to a full Japanese school, where they could barely have conversations with the teachers at drop offs or pick ups, to his coach leaving his bike at a cafe, remembering about it two weeks later and walking over to the cafe to still find it sitting there for him!

It is a completely different community in Japan, where there is very minimal theft and life is completely different to NZ. They, as a family, lived in an apartment, barely got to see any grass, and often took the train rather than their car! But Brodie explains that it was an exciting time as it was a new experience for them and they will look back on it in years to come thinking that they were so lucky and grateful to have enjoyed the experience so much! 

However, it was difficult, at times, adjusting to life in Japan for Brodie and his family as they couldn’t see family, but a reassuring gesture that made them feel at home was one day they were lost and asked a Japanese person where the train station was. Brodie explains to us that the Japanese person went out of their way to walk us 10 minutes to the train station to make sure they got on the right train, and then just carried on with their day. Which shows how supportive and friendly the Japanese people and culture is!


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