Justeena-Jayme Leaf (Chickee): Not all superheroes wear capes

Justeena-Jayme Leaf aka Chickee:

Nurses are hero’s and we had the privilege to talk to one of them!
Justeena-Jayme Leaf aka Chickee, got her name because of some delicious chips called Chickadee chips that she was a big fan of when she was young!
Chickee is an EPIC lady, and has a Bachelor of Nursing with registration, a Post Graduate in Social Sciences and is currently a COVID Nurse, Primary Health Nurse and an above all is an amazing mother to three beautiful tamariki.  She holds a strong connection to her whakapapa, of which she shares and is proud to identify as Ko Ngapuhi, Ko Waikato, Ko Ngai te Rangi Ngā Iwi.
Chickee talks about the sacrifices that she had to make during the 2020 lockdown. She provides us with a glimpse into what extra processes she had to go through daily working as not only an essential worker, but also an educator, helper, translator of what COVID meant to the many Māori whānau she supported, all whilst juggling being a mother, and trying her best to look after her whanau and their wellbeing! Something of which she says that as nurses “it is just what we do“!

One of the many, many messages that Chickee highlights is that you never know what others are going through! It is super important to remember a message like that no matter where you are in life. Show gratitude, spread kindness, be like Chickee who beams sunlight with her smile wherever she goes!

After listening to this interview you will 100% agree that not all superheroes wear capes!


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