Ngawai Hawera Interview Sneak Peak: Mind

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In this snippet we talk about what Ngawai enjoys doing for her body, this includes group fitness training, which is something that she loves being a part of and also instructing. When she isn’t in the group fitness space she mentions that she would like to get back into playing Netball at a high level! We talk about how important it is to still go after your career aspirations regardless of what journey you are on outside of work. 

We also talk about Ngawai’s 1 year old daughter Maiō, and what challenges they as a whānau have faced being in different countries at different times! Due to Ngawai’s husband’s career in Rugby over in Japan, this has meant that they got the first 3 months together as a whānau, but then Ngawai’s husband went to Japan for Rugby earlier than the pair of them and we talk about what this meant for Ngawai’s mindset during all of these transitions.

Ngawai had many mindset’s throughout their transitions but tried to focus her mindset on being present as much as she could. However had to juggle this with knowing that her husband was soon to be in a different country and trying to understand what that meant for their whānau. 

This is only the snippet of what we talked about, to hear more about how she managed the transitions within what she says was one of the most challenging years she has had, make sure to click the link below and watch the full interview! 


Click here to view the full interview!
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