Ngawai Hawera: The journey of identity

Ngawai Hawera:

Ngawai is a proud māmā and wife, and is a whānau girl at heart! She is an amazing human with an incredible drive and passion for health! More than that, Ngawai has a natural talent in many sporting codes, having excelled professionally in Netball and Rugby Sevens! 

Ngawai has a Bachelor of Sport and Leisure and has worked in the health and fitness industry for over a decade! Nothing gets her going more than seeing people turn up for themselves and be better than what they were! She loves the group training environment and the community of people you are connected to through fitness!

Ngawai’s husband plays professional Rugby and with this comes travel. The young family have recently been based in Japan, which means that they have had to find their own way to connect to whānau but also home when they are away. 

Within this korero Ngawai talks about adaptability, her many transitions and how she has dealt with this, we talk about her identity, her journey to connect back to special places from her childhood, and the importance of speaking Te Reo Māori within her home, are just a few things that this korero dives into! 

So find a cozy spot and listen to our korero today!


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