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Ngawai Hawera Interview Sneak Peak: Identity

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This snippet is a pretty special one! Ngawai talks about her journey towards understanding what identity is. She has learnt over the last 2 years what identity really means to her and what this means for her whānau. 

Ngawai started her life in Whanganui, as her mum is from Taranaki. Her father is from Gisborne, Te Tairawhiti and they moved there when Ngawai was young. However they then moved to Hamiton, Kirikiriroa when Ngawai was eight and have been here ever since. She talks about how she isn’t originally from Waikato but how she also has been on a journey to feel connected to her whakapapa. 

Discovering what identity for Ngawai is, has meant that she has adapted what identity means for her, and has come to decide that for her identity and home, is where her heart is, it’s within her. 

How AWESOME is that! Identity doesn’t need to be a place, identity can mean different things to different people and affect people’s wellness in different ways. 

Another key takeaway from this identity snippet with Ngawai is the importance of speaking Te Reo Māori in their home, and ensuring that Maiō’s first language is Māori. Ngawai is thankful that her husband, their parents, and many of their whānau are also fluent and able to continue this within their home. 

Make sure you check out more from this korero in the full interview!


Click here for the full interview! 
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