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Corn Fritters Recipe

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Recipe by Dietitian Sarah


Corn Fritters = Simple Staple

This is a great weekend brunch or lunch idea and would even make an easy dinner option served with a salad.  This is a good way to get some extra vegetables into kids (and us adults as well) and makes a big batch so there’s usually some leftovers.  My kids enjoy these cold and with the big batter, I often make some smaller bite-sized ones for their school and kindy lunches. 



This recipe makes about 18 fritters.



1x 410g can of cream style corn

1x 410g can of whole kernel corn, drained

½ onion, finely diced

1 courgette, grated

½ tomato, seeds removed, finely diced

½ capsicum (any colour), finely diced

¾ cup grated cheese (you could also use feta, crumbled or a mix of the two cheeses)

1 large egg

2 teaspoons paprika

1 teaspoon baking powder

1 cup of flour

1 tablespoon canola oil for cooking (or your preferred oil for cooking)



  • Add all of the ingredients except the oil for cooking into a large bowl and mix together.
  • Heat the oil in a frying pan over medium-high heat. 
  • Once heated, add spoonful’s of fritter mixture into the pan and cook for a few minutes, turn over and fry until cooked through.  
  • Transfer to a plate and keep warm in a heated oven and repeat with the remaining mixture.  

These can be served on their own or with some sour cream, sweet chilli sauce and/or bacon.  

Sarah xx

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