Connections across communities as key

Tegan talking about her supportive communities


Tegan shares her pockets of communities and the importance they have on her wellbeing! CrossFit is her most recent space to learn new things in a supportive environment.

The community she has grown at work is also pretty epic, there is a group of people that have been connected since University, some she even sees every day working on the same station, and the connections across broadcasting are an important community. 

This also extends into female announcers, Tegan names a few from the likes of Sharon Casey, kara Ricard, K’Lee there are many apart of a female announcer community to help support each other during their unique experiences!

Boxing is another one that she relates to like family! Although you’re in the ring alone, it is very much a team sport! Being a part of the team, even just learning how to box has been super empowering for Tegan and has had multiple positive effects on her wellbeing! 


To hear more about Tegan’s communities and how they positively contribute to her wellbeing click here! 


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