Who shall I be today?

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Whatever that next focus point is, it will really matter to me and I will choose it wisely.


Who shall I be today?

There is a day for everything.
You love a good donut?
There’s a day for it.
You want to celebrate Batman?
There is a day for it (and to be honest, there totally should be).

And this month, there is a day that you can look at on the surface as a bit of fun, or take deeper to reflect.
And ya’ll know I’ma take it deep right?!

The 7th of February is ‘who shall I be? Day’


As you know from my last blog about my word of the year.
In 2024, my word is L.F.G.
Meaning, I’m all in, I’m here for it and I want to hold myself accountable every single day.
Because I am bloody good at letting myself off the hook at the first sign of turbulence.
Whether it is my exercising. My eating. My contact lens usage. My stretching.
I am not trying to be better than anyone else.
I am not in a proverbial race to top.
I am not on a journey of self improvement because it is a cool trend I want to jump on.
I am not trying to be anyone other than the person I want to be.


We are changing it up

So, I am altering the phrasing of the day slightly to suit myself better.
‘Who do I want to be today?’
Except, not just today.
I need to ask myself this question every single day.

I am the absolute worst for exercising for two weeks, giving it everything I have.
And then, after two weeks, I check in with myself and I don’t notice any changes.
Physically or mentally.
And I immediately get disheartened.
This grind I have been facing, the tough decisions I have been making, the blissful moments of joy I have been missing out on for a WHOLE TWO WEEKS!
Working my ass off trying so hard to be so damn “good.”
And I don’t feel better?
So, as embarrassed as I am to admit it, I more often than not, give up at this initial point of frustration (enter palm of hand hitting forehead emoji… argh!)

Are you in the same boat as me by any chance?

I start taking my foot off the gas.
I start adding more treats and excuses.
And, looky looky, two weeks later, I don’t notice anything changing!
Surprise surprise, nothing bad has happened as a result of eating shit and being lazy for the last TWO WEEKS.
What the hell do I think is going to happen in TWO WEEKS?! (yup, palm to forehead again!)


Expectations vs Reality

The truth is, if I am honest with myself, my expectations don’t match my reality, right?
What magical transformation did I really think was going to happen?
Like the ad says, “it won’t happen overnight, but it will happen.”
It did. It does. And it will.
One way or the other.
But not in TWO WEEKS!
It didn’t take just TWO WEEKS to get to the state I am in right now, it took small moments, over many years.
Energy doesn’t just replenish in TWO WEEKS.
Asses don’t just fall off or tone up in TWO WEEKS.
Every work out layers and adds to the results you’re looking for.
Just as every treat or excuse is a vote in the ‘wrong direction’ (*disclaimer, I still 100% advocate for balance, treats are great, I fucking love treats! But when it comes to delish treats, my self control is ridiculously weak, and I struggle to just have a little bit of chocolate without demolishing the whole block… I am a work in progress, but I can’t bullshit myself anymore, because I am hyper aware of this habit).

In reality.
It will eventually happen…
The good or the bad.
It’s up to you (as shit of a reality check that is, it’s true).
If you literally work your ass off.
If you hold yourself accountable to the promises you make yourself.
If you act with intention towards the goals you have set.
It will happen.
But, not in TWO WEEKS!


Switching up the ‘New Year Resolutions’ 

Now, if you have followed us for a while, you will know I am not a fan of New Year’s Resolutions.
Because they don’t work.
Straight up.
Believe it or not, there is even a day for ditching new year’s resolutions!
Because they genuinely don’t work!
So, among other things, I have also added another process to help me stay on track and support my word of the year.

Since reading an article from Ryan Shea, that talked about new month resolutions, I have been inspired to alter his approach to suit me…



Each month I want to strengthen my habits that contribute to not only my word of the year, but the vision I have for myself long term.
Who do I want to be today…. In 20 years time?
Like Ruby Tui said “it’s up to me what I choose to focus on.”
By looking at small behaviour changes rather than a massive goal with no steps in between, I can actually make meaningful changes.

As an example, my concentration point for January was to get my 5am wake ups consistent and actively work on different approaches and ideas to get this habit to stick regardless of life’s challenges.
It gives me a high awareness about where I am at, what else I can try and what other opportunities there are to try.
All this helps me to make better choices to get better daily outcomes that all contribute to who I want to be long term.

At the end of January, I have to say, I really nailed it and made it a natural part of my daily life that I don’t have to consciously think about and manage.
So, for February, I will create a new focus point, like increasing how much I walk each day or wearing my contacts lens’ everyday or talking nicely to myself everyday (I am REALLY bad at listening to my negative room mate in my brain, she’s a bitch, so at some point this year, she’s getting served with an eviction notice).


Going forward

Whatever that next focus point is, it will really matter to me and I will choose it wisely.
Because, I don’t want to just make excuses for my actions and cruise along waiting for tomorrow to feel better.
Everyday, I want to choose who I want to be.
So, L.F.G 2024.
I’m all in.
I’m here for it.
I’m going to believe I can do it.
I’m gonna show up for myself today and my future self.
“I have confidence in me” – Julie Andrews

What do you think will work for you?
What is going to be your New Month Zoom In for February?

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