Saying NO to body shaming!

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Written by Daz

I found myself reflecting on the comments made recently about body image and ‘normal sizes’ in Aotearoa, and let’s just say it sparked a few words…


Far too long

For far TOO LONG people have been given space to pass comments and judgment on other people’s lives.
For far too long we have sat back quietly and allowed people to share opinions out loud.
They are planting seeds around the place that are uninformed, unkind, and totally derailing to others.
It has to stop.
We have to stop letting these weeds grow.
We have to stop letting this rubbish affect future generations of people in Aotearoa.


Get educated

There is so much more to health and well-being than the size of our clothes.
How could you live in 2022 and not know that?!
It’s literally our key message, wellness is not a product.
It’s not a weight.
It’s not found on scales.
It’s not found in diets.
It’s not found by losing baby weight.
It’s not a size.
It worries me about the negative influence these words can have.
It worries me that the people saying these things are mothers and fathers who share this horrific body shaming messaging with their children, who will one day hand it to their children.
Break the cycle.
Do better.
Get educated.


Just think of the impact

Our suicide rates are through the roof.
And yet people who are in influential positions are attacking our people, because of their weight?!
Some of whom are incredibly vulnerable humans.
Who could be suffering all kinds of physical and mental health issues.
Who could have been near the edge when this person decided to clarify who fits in to normal and who doesn’t.
And the influential person made it very clear that people who don’t fit their definition of normal don’t deserve kindness, understanding, or support.
And they did this on National TV.
Words escape me on how thoughtless this was.

I spent my childhood being told I didn’t fit in.
Frizzy hair.
Big ears.
Too thin.
Four eyes.
Wayward teeth.
Weird sense of humour.
Only child.
I used to long to fit in, but instead faced confidence issues and had a tiny sense of self worth.
I allowed people to define normal.
I allowed people to define me.
I allowed people to decide where I fit.

It’s only in later life I’ve realized the actual truth.
And gained strength of character to genuinely say fuck all the people I tried to impress.
Fuck the boxes I tried to fit into.
Fuck the negative self chat.
Fuck the people who had to make me feel small in order to make themselves feel big.
Joseph Campbell said it best “the privilege of a lifetime is being who you are.”
My vibe.
My tribe.
My terms.
And ever since, my life has been filled with love, joy, and all the weird humour I love with amazing people who build me up.


Diversity is powerful

Last week, it was like watching the New Zealand version of the movie Mean Girls.
Maybe a few humans in Aotearoa need reminding that Regina George didn’t come out on top. Maybe they also need reminding that diversity of everything…
Of thought
Of size
Of race
Of appearance
Of humour
Of music taste
Is what makes life great.
Is what makes us thrive.
Is what makes us live great lives.


Just be KIND

This sort of shaming shit is absolutely intolerable.
Find your voice.
Get informed.
Choose your words wisely.
See people.
Be kind.

If normal in NZ is super thin hungry white women who have to have an opinion on other people’s lives; then I’m very glad I have never fitted any mold that equaled normal.

Kia kaha Aotearoa.
Go plant seeds that will see future generations thrive.



If there is someone in your world that might need to hear this today, share it with them to spark meaningful conversations ❤️

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